Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation. M & E

Monitoring and Evaluation or M&E has been used by nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) for evaluating programmes for decades.

The need for monitoring

The rise of outsourcing has raised interest in evaluation and monitoring of projects. How does an entity know how a project is progressing – when it no longer has in-house expertise in that area due to outsourcing? The truth of the matter is – it may not.

The use of new technology can create a situation similar to outsourcing.
Rarely is the client organisation well versed in what the end result should look like or how to get there.

Another reason for monitoring is that there is more money involved. Projects are getting bigger – but the results are not necessarily better.

Launch Hub Bridges that gap by performing:

On-going monitoring: to identify and highlight problems as they emerge,

Regular monitoring: to analyse problems and deviations and suggest follow-up measures, and

Monitoring at specific moments of project life: to review the whole strategy and recommend adjustments.

Launch Hub ~ Centre for Project Management covers you and ensure your Business or Project ‘s Objectives are met.