Project Monitoring & Evaluation

We help in developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan, which helps to track and assess the results of the interventions throughout the life of a program or a project.

Monitoring gives information on where a policy, program or project is at any given time (or over time) relative to respective targets and outcomes. Monitoring focuses in particular on efficiency, and the use of resources.

Evaluation Analyzes why intended results were or were not achieved, Assesses specific casual contributions of activities to results, Examines implementation process, Explores unintended results, Provides lessons, highlights significant accomplishments or program potential and offers recommendations for improvement.

Managing a single task is straightforward — put in the work and submit it once it’s finished. For a Program or project there are many moving parts that must work together to meet deadlines. Missing a piece can cause delays and financial losses.


Project executors (i.e., a company Community Relations Team, a company/NGO partnership, or a company foundation), M&E can improve management. By monitoring progress against defined goals, a project manager can assess what is working and what is not, and from there can determine what changes should be made to a project. This in turn makes it possible to improve the way things are being done in the project organization.

Companies, whether executing a project or supporting it through partnership or funding, M&E is used to demonstrate progress to internal management and to external stakeholders. 

Community members and NGOs, M&E gives an opportunity to influence the design and execution of community development projects, by providing feedback on whether programs are achieving aims in line with community needs and desires. M&E becomes a powerful accountability mechanism.