Sound Strategy Realization

Strategy realization is one of the most challenging aspects of strategy. Developing a well-articulated strategy is one thing, but realizing its value is a completely different story.

Strategy is one of the most overused and misused words in the business community. It is a term that everybody loves to use, but few dare to explain. Launch Hub helps companies improve their ability to create value through strategy by better understanding what strategy actually is, by learning how to spot the difference between a good strategy and a not-so-good strategy, and by gaining perspectives on the most common pitfalls when developing a strategy.

  • Facilitating the strategic-planning process
  • Establishing project management processes and protocols
  • Ensuring compliance

A sound strategy without execution produces no value and results in significant opportunity cost. To ensure strong and measurable progress on strategic imperatives and goals, organizations should consider establishing a Strategic Realization Office (SRO).