Project Charter

Project Charter:

Do you need a project roadmap? Are you looking to market your project to stakeholders?

What you entirely need is a Project Charter.

Project charter is an elevator pitch of your project including your project objectives, scope, and responsibilities. It is a short, straightforward document that serves as the foundation for a project.

The primary purpose of a project charter is to authorize the project manager to start the approved project and allow him to use organizational resources to accomplish the objectives of the project.

Launch hub guides startups, businesses, and organizations to develop a project charter which serves as a project planning document that sells the project to stakeholders and sponsors.

What does it Entail?

Since the project charter offers high level overview of the project it also gives the basic ground for entire project.

The following are some of the elements covered in the project charter:

  1. The purpose of the project: Why are you doing it? What are the aims and objectives? Try to sum it up in one concise goal statement.
  2. What are you hoping to achieve with this project? – What success looks like to you?
  3. The Key Players – Do you know the project sponsor, project manager, and any other key stakeholders. This is a good time to list them out, as well as their specific roles within the project.
  4. What Risks do you anticipate? – acknowledge any top-level risks that you already know about from the outset.
  5. What are the key deliverables?
  6. What is the overview of the resources – budget and people, is there any pre-approved resources allocated to this project.
  7. What does the schedule look like? – The high-level summary of the schedule.

Once your project charter has been approved, you can move forward with project planning. As you create additional project planning documents and get started with project management, make sure you are storing all your project details in a centralized tool that everyone can access.

Get in touch with Launch Hub for assistance in the development of Project charter, and General Project Management of your Project.