Microsoft Project Training Masterclass

Microsoft Project Training Masterclass


This Microsoft Project training will teach you how to manage and control many projects for your business more efficiently.

You will learn how to use Project’s versatile and user-friendly tools and solutions to create the project plan, track progress, adjust resources, and present dynamic reports.

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Microsoft Project is a leading project management software that enables managers and individuals to achieve project outcomes faster and more efficiently.

Microsoft Project helps individuals and businesses deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.

With Microsoft Project, businesses and individuals can adjust and manage projects in real-time. The program helps teams plan and prioritize tasks, assign resources and track progress and budgets to complete projects more efficiently.

Effective project management starts with access to accurate data.

  1. Learn all You Need to Manage Your Project Using Microsoft Project
  2. Create Your Own Project Plan using Microsoft Project
  3. Add and Manage Resources within Your Project
  4. Work with Budget, Costs, and Material in Microsoft Project
  5. Understand Views and even Customize Your Own Views
  6. Update Status within Your Schedule and Determine Work Remaining
  7. Use Earned Value Analysis in Microsoft Project
  8. Create Reports and Export Data to Other Applications