Product Management Masterclass

Product Management Masterclass


Product Management is important because building products is more complicated than ever.

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Join Launch Hub – Centre for Project Management 4 day training on Product Management. Take this opportunity while the course is on offer!!

In Product Management; the role of the Project Manager is to ensure that the team is solving the right problems and building the right products.

Throughout this process, Product Managers will take care of their product from an idea all the way through launch and partner with a wide variety of cross functional teams to make the product real.

Prioritization plays an important role in this process, owing no company has unlimited resources- there is always tradeoffs that need to be made, this requires a competent Product Manager.


  • What is Product Management
  • Do we really Require a Product Manager?

The Role of the Product Manager

  • What are the roles of the Product Manager?
  • Who does he work with?
  • what makes a good project manager?

Problem and opportunity Identification

  • Identifying Requirements
  • Documentation of the Requirements

Defining the Product Roadmap

  • Framing the Problem
  • Outlining the goals
  • Describing the requirements
  • Outlining options

Finding the right Problem to solve

  • Performing Market Research
  • Performing User Research
  • Looking into Product Data
  • Analysis of Support Data

Other areas of Coverage include

  1. Total addressable market
  2. Minimum viable product
  3. Setting Vision & strategy
  4. Return on Investment
  5. Building of Business case
  6. Business Models
  7. Key Performance Indicators
  8. Negotiation skills
  9. Communication


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